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This is really nice! :D

You did a really good job making this, Thomas.

I love the backgrounds! Every single stickfight animation
usually needs more of an atmosphere, but you did it,
you're redefining the stickanimation culture,
with epic backgrounds.

You can feel how the stickman fights his way,
not just by looking at the stickmen getting pwned,
but also by the feeling the atmosphere gives.

I got some criticism/improvements though,
the ending was like "Revenge taken" ...
and then... err.. oh yeah.. uh.. *credits scrolls up*

What I mean is... I would've liked if the "camera"
zoomed out as the protagonist walked to get
his bag or something, (What was in that bag? lol)
then fade out to credits!...Something like that! :3
...or any kind of "fade out"-ending, to make the
viewer of the animation think about what he just saw,
if you know what I mean.

Well yeah, thanks for making this and,
keep up the awesomeness :D


Great storyline :D

This is great improvement from other Mystic Quest episodes ^-^
Some examples are enemies fading out when dead,
figures always moving, no actionscript flaws,
and overall- well worked out episode!

Dude, I want you to know, you're getting better at this :D

CubePanda responds:

Thanks Krizy, Ben returns in the next episode and steals from Ralphs body XD


Hey dude, great work! :D

- I see there is a lot improvement from other submissions.
- The graphics can be worked on.
- Excellent music choice! :3 You used my track! :D ...awesome.

There is only one problem with the whole thing,
(yeah, and you may guess it)
I would have enjoyed it much more without the insane speed.
All you have to do is to insert more frames in each keyframe...
(or at least in the ones with text)

Keep up the good work, panda :D

~ Krizy

CubePanda responds:

Thanks for the review dude, and I would obviously have to use at least ONE of your tracks in a flash XD

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I love originality =D

...behind the other stupid buttongames,
this was actually quite entertaining!
Nice, original ideas. I like the cookie one. =D
Good job.

ChaoticTrashCan responds:

Thanks. I tried to have some more original ideas than some other people. The lololololololol part even reminds me of the roflmaololzdsa from the original, but I got the inspiration from my brother. I was about half way done and to the point where it just said lol. No matter how much he clicked, it still said lol... so ya.

Ta da


I didn't see that word anywhere here so I'll say it. mehe.
Congrats on winning. It deserves the tank award 2008 ^_________^

11/10, 6/5.


Just went to the portal for a sec to vote on my last submission for the day then
Thing-Thing 4??? OMG, this must be a joke! And.. NO! It wasn't!!! O_O
YEAHH!!!!! It rocks, I can't understand how you can create games like that..
The graphics makes the perfect feeling when I'm playing it.. Specially the sound.
Perfect. I have never seen so nice blood and movements... Anyways.............
Good job! lol

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I'll definitely show up

Nice fade in, a bit noobish start :/ (00:17)
Awesome melody :D (00:36)
Really cool part in the middle :} (01:13)
Great comeback (02:15)

Keep it up mate ;D ~

Assios responds:

Thanks mate :D


You're getting professional, dude.
This is quality! :P

There are some 'unprofessionalities' tho. (lol)
At 01:10, it's getting a bit silly.
It hears like it's only one standard instrument.
A dull 3xOsc or something!

Other than that, there's variation between the parts,
and it doesn't get boring!

Keep up the great work, dj assios! ^__^

Assios responds:

You don't like the soft part? It's Sytrus btw ;P Thanks for reviewing!

Very nice.

Did you compose this by yourself?
This is professional! :D
You may choose another piano instrument.
The instrument you chose here, is kind of standard.
Get something more catchy! :)
Try searching "piano soundfont" at google or something!
Keep it up dude, you're a really good composer.

arxarts responds:

yes i composed myself, thanks for the praise though!!

i composed this using finale which has a pretty crappy synth (although sibelius is even worse), and i have been meaning to get another, better, synth, but i can't find anything good..

anyways glad you liked it

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You're starting to get really good.
This looks like a screenshot from an award winning flash movie! :D
Okay, maybe that was a bit exaggerated,
but seriously :P, keep it up!!

SeNtoX responds:


Ey ey, what's up .................... .................... ... krizyzone @ hotmail.com

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