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I love originality =D

...behind the other stupid buttongames,
this was actually quite entertaining!
Nice, original ideas. I like the cookie one. =D
Good job.

ChaoticTrashCan responds:

Thanks. I tried to have some more original ideas than some other people. The lololololololol part even reminds me of the roflmaololzdsa from the original, but I got the inspiration from my brother. I was about half way done and to the point where it just said lol. No matter how much he clicked, it still said lol... so ya.

Ta da


I didn't see that word anywhere here so I'll say it. mehe.
Congrats on winning. It deserves the tank award 2008 ^_________^

11/10, 6/5.


Just went to the portal for a sec to vote on my last submission for the day then
Thing-Thing 4??? OMG, this must be a joke! And.. NO! It wasn't!!! O_O
YEAHH!!!!! It rocks, I can't understand how you can create games like that..
The graphics makes the perfect feeling when I'm playing it.. Specially the sound.
Perfect. I have never seen so nice blood and movements... Anyways.............
Good job! lol


A little bit choppy but it was ok.
..I mean.. it was great! But it is
not original and it was only 5
choices so I guess I give it 3/5.
Anyway, good job :)


A pink, puffy and cute creature that is shooting hearts... NICE idea!
But it is a little bit boring with always the same background.
If it changed to afternoon in level 2, and then level 3 night and yeah...
then I would gave it a 5! ^_^ Keep it up! btw good graphics

ChromeShark responds:

Good suggestions, I was thinking if I made another I'd have different levels with varying backgrounds. The day/night feature was quite a last minute addition in this one to vary things up a bit. Thanks for the review.

Hmm, This is not something new. :S

Try harder please. The entertaining of bad quality stick killing is over for now.

Make your own ideas! :D

O_o Beutiful Game!

One of the best games i ever played!

- oh, i forgot! I must play the other Thing-Thing games too!

Cya! Good job!

Hmm, I have played this before I think ^^

Yes, yes.. On MiniClip..! But then it was with background music...

Cool game! It gonna get a high score :)

gamenet responds:

Yes Krizy - Miniclip loved it so much they licensed it from us for New Years eve message.. It is much better with the music but we had to turn it off after a while because of bandwidth - its massive in China!!! AsI said, its only a quick and simple little game and we have much better to come. Thanks again for your feedback...

Wao, Big dude! You getting better and better!

Madness is your thing... That's a fact =)

Very funny and better than the other versions..!

Kewl! ^__^

matt2k7 responds:

its true i do like madness and sticks is my thing (and madness) lol

This is review 400!! :]

You problamy don't see this but.. anyway.. great game I love it!
But I fail mission 1 every time.. Lol! xD

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