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I'll definitely show up

Nice fade in, a bit noobish start :/ (00:17)
Awesome melody :D (00:36)
Really cool part in the middle :} (01:13)
Great comeback (02:15)

Keep it up mate ;D ~

Assios responds:

Thanks mate :D


You're getting professional, dude.
This is quality! :P

There are some 'unprofessionalities' tho. (lol)
At 01:10, it's getting a bit silly.
It hears like it's only one standard instrument.
A dull 3xOsc or something!

Other than that, there's variation between the parts,
and it doesn't get boring!

Keep up the great work, dj assios! ^__^

Assios responds:

You don't like the soft part? It's Sytrus btw ;P Thanks for reviewing!

Very nice.

Did you compose this by yourself?
This is professional! :D
You may choose another piano instrument.
The instrument you chose here, is kind of standard.
Get something more catchy! :)
Try searching "piano soundfont" at google or something!
Keep it up dude, you're a really good composer.

arxarts responds:

yes i composed myself, thanks for the praise though!!

i composed this using finale which has a pretty crappy synth (although sibelius is even worse), and i have been meaning to get another, better, synth, but i can't find anything good..

anyways glad you liked it


Kinda' useful track for flash games where you find yourself at the sea.
I can't find any flaws so.. 5/5!
Keep it up, maybe you could make some forest-ish stuff and other
types of landscapes. I LIEK IT! :D

megakyle53 responds:

thanks for stopping by the funeral and taking a listen i appreciate it


Lol, awesome dude, awesome job.

Nice transitions between the synths!
The melodies were teh best >:D
However, there's some bad problems along the way,
those are volumefails & distortions.
You have to make the synth sound louder.
I recommend you to add the "Fruity Limiter" in the mixer.
It can be found from version 8, otherwise, if you don't have it,
you can easily download it.
It makes you avoid the distortions.
It kind of keeps the volume down with a limit...

Overall, great track. One of your best, maybe THE best. FAV<3 :D

Assios responds:

Whoa, thaaanks for an awesome review ^^ I'll add the limiterrr. Thanks ;D

EDIT: DONE, thanks;D


I never though it would be this good!!
I dunno why, but it rocks! Kinda' DnB!
Okay, things to improve:

- The title sucks. Instead, you should call it...
" .: Playin' with tha Drumset :. "
(or something like that)

- Make a melody! It would be even more awesome.

- The end is too quick. You need to make the song longer.

- You should find another way to make the transitions
between the drumloops.

The rest is perfectly fine. Good job mate.


demonluketheevilone responds:

thanks. ill try to make it more of a song next time and make it longer


...you just reached 50 000 downloads!!

I have to say how much I like this song as the other reviews,
the melodies are so catchy. You did a really great job creating those.
Awesome!! ^^ Keep it up, mate


A techno song without any melodies or..
synths... pads... strings... !? O.O
It's cool, but weird.
Things to improve on: MAKE A MELODY. :DDDDDDDDD
so well yeah, keep it up.


smps responds:

i make this music by the random way :D

The PWN!

Sooo cool O.O
I can't say anything more than.. perfect!?
The best thing in the song was the beat.

Review score: 9.77/10
Vote score: 5/5
+ favourited!

Keep it up! ;D

Waaaaah! O.O

One of the best classical songs ever heard.
Useful to animations!

8.6/10 (9)

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